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Subject: :((( [more poetry spam]

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Of pritha, in the mountain himavat (the himalayas) the sound
of her voice markham paused, the huge the church without
a word to the others who had in the itinerary of rouen.
the first of them has must leave him, the agony of pain
was so great, by denunciation. The majority of the jury
are exalted divinity or any other being, let him tell detective!
pike ruefully. Oh, if i wanted a detective know, therefore,
that tomorrow i must bid you it. Trust a woman if you will
thrice betrayed, may give him liberty to pay his creditors
by installments, live. In energy and prowess i am unrivaled
on (manyformed). Possessed of one eye he blazeth devoted
to his cause, and vendors and traders, when it is best to
sever such ties, i observed..
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On October 20th, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC), twilightsm commented:
Please Help!!

My sister's dog, Mexi, was stolen late last night near Albertson's in Bradenton, FL. Mexi is a bit skittish around strangers, but she is a sweetheart! If you see her or know anything, please contact me, 989-992-9907 or my dad 941-932-3772.


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